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Not So Sexy Monday

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Mystery Spot Car!!!

Today was a regular day, until an astonishing car was spotted on highway 17. After speeding across lanes and cutting off some people I managed to catch up with the owner of this amazing sticker covered automobile.

After telling him about CarGods he agreed to do an impromptu interview under the condition that he remain anonymous.

Q: So dude I gotta ask… Why do you want to stay anonymous?
A: I dont know man, I just don’t want people to look me up on the net and hassle me about my car over facebook or some dumb $h*t like that.

Q: Werd. Do you and the car get a lot of negative attention?!
A: Naw but I have had a few people hate on me before. Haha. I guess they were just jealous.

Q: What kind of car is this beast dude?
A: It’s a 1991 Cutlass Calais.

Q: What color is under all those stickers?
A: Uhh… light blueish silver?

Q: Hahaha. You dont sound to sure.
A: Haha. Yea i haven’t seen the color in like 4 years. It was a blueish silver.

Q: 4 years!? How long have you had the car?
A: It was my first car. I got it when i turned 16 and I am 2o so…. (short pause) like 5 years.

Q: So it only took you one year to decide to cover it in Awesomeness?
A: Haha Yea. It all started with a few stickers.

Q: What made you want to cove the whole car in Mystery Spot stickers?
A: I use to go to the Mystery Spot all the time with my grandpa. When his car got passed down to me it still had the the Mystery Spot sticker i had put on it when i was younger, and one day i went to the Mystery Spot with all my friends and we all got stickers, and they all ended up on my bumper with my old sticker. So that gave me the idea to cover the whole car.

Q: So how many stickers are on there?
A: I don’t know man! I never counted but more then 200 for sure dude!

Q: How Did you even that many stickers!?
A: I had a ton of stickers from when I was younger. My friends would give me their stickers whenever they went and I even went a couple of times just for the stickers. Hahaha. I guess you could say the car is displaying my sticker collection.

Q: Hahaha. You know I’ve heard rumors about your car before dude?
A: Well I’ve had a couple people tell me some girl is rolling around in a Kia covered in Mystery Spot stickers like my car.

Q: No Way! Have you met her? Is she hot?
A: Hahaha. Naw man I have never met her.


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