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Hamster Drag Racing!!!

OWN: Take your seats for the latest craze – hamster drag racing!

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what’s better than a DeLorean? duh? a Lego DeLorean
From Ichiban Custom Lego Kits.
Cerfully bespoke designed, each kit is delivered with brand-new in box, official Lego elements much like ikea each kit comes with an instruction sheet.
This is not your lego for kids, this is cool car god-type shit! They make Batman, prop planes, buildings, Ford Mustangs, Ferrari etc etc. check em out!

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What do you get when you mix gasoline, Fire and and RC Ferrari ????


Camera 1: Shaun Porcar
Camera 2: Ernesto Che
Pyro/safety: TT Competizione

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We were on a busy ass street in the middle of a segregated neighborhood rferred to as “lil Mex” when we caught a glimpse of this ferrar…corv…whaaaaaa???


we absofvckinglutely had- just HAD to make an illegal U-TURN to catch a better glimpse at this warlock of a once American automobile sportscar gone WTF- it’s called STREET DEMONS


yep a 1984 Corvette with a Ferrari 348 body kit! what a gem- so gorgeous in every way from the chrome stockers, fatty boom batty exhaust tips, race stripes! …the peaks on the wing (for down force) and the grim reaper skulls…. total CarGods MFKN WIN!!!!


Biggest fear when shooting these type of whips is getting rolled up on by the owner who believes we are making fun of it! Sure enough, a tall amigo approaches,


“hey man wass up?”


We are taking pics man, this car is going on the internets in a few hours!


“oh yeah really, cool cuz its like for sale- gimme like about 4-thousands and it’s yours. It runs fast only thing is the lights don’t go down.”


[thumbs way fvcking up yo]


so if anyone is interested in owning a 1984 Ferrarvette 348 holler atcha boyz here at cargods!!!!





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CORVETTE Trailer ala cargods???

would you lokkit that?
a bad ass couple towing all their fine goods in a matching yellow corvette traiiler… woot woot FLAMES!!!!

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