Blue Play-Doh Car

A life-sized replica car made completely from world record amounts of Play-Doh modelling clay has hit the road. But it’s not going anywhere fast. Using 1.5 tons of the children’s putty from 10,000 pots – costing around £6,000 in total – the hand-crafted sculpture was created by a team of eight model makers over a two-week period. It was created to mark the UK launch of the new Chevrolet Orlando family-friendly seven-seater car. At those prices, you could have nearly three Play-Doh version for the cost of the real thing. The vehicle, in a bright blue shade of aquamarine was pictured parked up in the bohemian Clerkenwell district of London where startled commuters and traffic wardens looked on. A spokeswoman for the project said:’We’ve pretty much exhausted the UK supplies of aquamarine Play-Doh.

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