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Farmers Insurance AutoBoatHome

Height: 35 ft. Width: 18 ft. Length: 55 ft.
Farmers Insurance presents parade viewers with a dream vision – a blending of the major elements in many families’ lives, realized as a fanciful auto/boat/house. The 55-foot-long “vehicle” has a much-larger-than-life automobile as its base, which is topped by a boat’s prow, helm and afterdeck, and is ultimately capped by a two-story home with garden and patio. A helicopter-like rotor spins above the home, and special effects smoke come from the home’s chimney – all accented by amplified music. The gigantic wheels of the automobile are the actual wheels of the float, designed with a special drive train that allows the power from the engine to provide power to the rear wheels, and for the float drive to steer directly with the nine-foot tall front wheels.
The body of the “car/boat” is covered with whole red and white carnations, accented by fine cut red strawflower. The chrome on the vehicle is created with silverleaf, and the headlights beam with fine cut everlasting and ground lentil seed. The tires are covered with nori seaweed, with fine ground rice white walls. The walls of the house are fine ground white rice highlighted by dark gray poppy seed, the roof is covered with untreated natural cedar shingles; shutters are fine cut blue statice and the window panes are fine cut white rice. The rotor blades are covered with silverleaf, light lettuce seed and fine ground orange lentil seed. The orange tree at the front of the float features a crop of navel oranges, foliage of lemon leaves and pine tree branches; the trunk is covered with fine crushed walnut shell, and the area beneath the tree is real sod. The rear tree has foliage of white roses, phaleonopsis and orchids. The flowers dripping from the boat’s deck include roses, daisies, carnations in selections of orange, bright and light yellow, pink and hot pink.



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AutoBoatHome or Custom Limo

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Motorized Couch



The specs on the moving lounger put output at 6 horsepower, and mpgs at an impressive 37-45 estimated. A rack and pinion steering system helps turn the wide-and-short vehicle, while off-brand donuts handle the grip. The braking, on the other hand, comes up a bit short thanks to nothing but a single-disc hydraulic unit on the rear axle, go-kart style.

Suzuki’s description of the sofa makes it all the more enticing:

“This 1970s era sofa commissioned by American Suzuki retains its original synthetic trim finished in a fashionable tan and brown plaid motif. The sofa is complete with small tears and frayed stitching to meet Suzuki’s overall design intent. The sofa also features a variety of loose coins, cookie crumbs and pocket lint resting just beneath the seat cushions. The steering wheel is comfortably positioned at the center of the sofa, making ingress and egress easy for passengers looking to accompany the driver on casual journeys. The throttle pedal is unmistakable in that it features a custom bare foot shape finished in chrome-plated metal with black accents.”

You have to give Suzuki credit for their humor.

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‘Hidden Garage’

“This apartment building in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco has recently been remodeled to include four precious car parking spaces while maintaining the historical Victorian facade…”

Big thanks to Haske for bringing this video to my attention.

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The Perfect Place For A Nest

The poor little car in this picture must feel like number two…

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