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SNEAK PEAK: 2013 Prototype Countach

There has been much talk of re-releasing the favored 70’s & 80’s Lamborghini Countach. Lamborghini has yet to release a statement about such rumors, but rumor has it that only 100 of this recreated classic cars will be reborn. It is also said that Lamborghini will be hand picking the owners of the new recreated Countachs. The engine that is going in the 2013 Countch will most likely be a variation of the engine in the new Aventador LP 700-4. The designer of this recreated car icon is still unknown. In the photo below you can clearly see that the lines of the reborn classic are just as they appeared on the 1983 LP500s.
Sadly Lamborghini is good at starting a project they can’t finish, such as the beautiful four door Lamborghini Estoque that appeared in 2008. So we’ll see what Lamborghini has to offer with this prototype.

This spy photo was taken near the Lamborghini facilities in SantAgata Bolognese, Italy.


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