The Beauty of Tailgate Art.

Art is self expression and the owners of these fine trucks express themselves through the art on their tailgates. CarGods  has shown you this art before, such as the Bikini Wagon post. bikini wagon | CARGODS

This artwork can be very simple, or very detailed. People have been using their tailgates to promote their religion, ethnicity, their families, their attitudes, and interests.

This evening we caught up with Abraham Gomez from Woodside CA (owner of the Red F-150 featuring pics of his children) and when we asked him how he came up with the art/concept he said:

“cuando la jente me mira piensan que estoy feo y chaparro con una pikap chida, perro nomas ollen ‘schwitt schwitt’ (weird sounds)…”

TRANSLATED: “when people meet me they think i am just some short ugly guy with a sweet pick up truck, but all they hear is ‘schwitt! schwitt…”

Then we asked what is ‘schwitt schwitt’ ???

answer: “es cuando la lumbre sale de la boca!”

TRANSLATED “it’s when the fire comes from the mouth”

He was definitely inebriated and DARN IT we wish we had the audio or video 🙁

HERE ARE a few MORE for your viewing delight !!!

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