This is probably one of CARGODS.COM most Favourite cars in the world!

As Rotiformwheels’ Brian Henderson gleefully exclaimed over the phone today; “Rusty… is probably one of the most ‘hated on’ cars on the whole internet”
We’d like to add that owner [Stanceworks] Mike Burrough’s 5 series BMW is also probably one of the most misunderstood cars on tha intrawebz…
This car has a shit ton of personality, the carGods definitely approve of the overwhelming oozing amounts of awesome!!!!

You can (if you have the energy) friend Rusty Slammington on Facebook page

24kt plated Ronal wheels from the late 70’s are the mothra funkin ISH !!!! Also the P40 warhawk/flying tiger Shark teeth drive home the Nasty Radness- we can’t put anymore words into this- see for yourself and just remember you can talk shit or you can do shit!!!

“Lay Frame or Stay Home” ~Knick

“who needs a speedometer when you got fighter pilot switches…” ~Che

SPARKY SPARK and The Funky Bunch !

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